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Golden Age Local Gym in Bakersfield

Welcome to the Strength & Health Gym in Bakersfield. Our gym has a long history behind it. It is one of the few gritty, old-school gyms in the country! Strength and Health Gym in Bakersfield has been a ‘mecca and historical landmark since 1982’. This city landmark is the longest standing established local gym in Kern County. We are a complete fitness facility that provides the perfect environment for ANYONE. Whether you are a beginner or a serious workout enthusiast, everyone is welcome.

Strength and Health Gym in Bakersfield offers a wide variety of many types of equipment for you and your clients to use. Our large variety of workout equipment provides countless options to design and create new workout routines and enhance current ones. A lot of thought and research went into ensuring we have the best equipment available to reach your goals.

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There is no end to the services offered at Health and Strength Gym, a local gym in Bakersfield, CA. Join today and start the journey to making an actual difference in your life today. We offer results based on real hard work and dedication. There are no shortcuts to success. Nothing in life is free. Most of all, hard work provides hard results.

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  • Personal Training
  • Resistance Training
  • Huge Variety of Equipment
  • Plenty of Free Weights
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Locker Rooms and Showers
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Weight Loss / Gain Programs
  • Nutrition Center

Great Workout Routine - Local Gym in Bakersfield

It’s not the size of the gym that matters. What matters is that you have a workout routine that works best for your personal fitness goals. We know we require a great workout routine to get the best results. That is why our workout routines are tailored to benefit you. We build each program based on decades of training and research. Our goal is for you to see genuine progress. Because of this common goal, we push your personal fitness goals to new heights.

Strength and Health Gym is the best local gym in Bakersfield that will help you take care of business; without all the distractions you get at other commercial gyms. If you are interested in learning more about the diverse variety of equipment at our fitness center, call us or stop by today. We are happy to talk about our facility and the equipment that we offer.

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Local Gym in Bakersfield

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An effective workout routine is more than just a list of workouts to perform. It is more than a simple schedule to follow. The best gym available, with every high-end workout tool you could think of, still won’t produce results without having the knowledge to back up your workout. A solid understanding of how to use these tools helps form significant results. Understanding the equipment is paramount, but you also need to know how to do the exercises correctly.

There is knowledge related to how frequently you should exercise. There’s so much to learn on how to enhance and improve your results. That makes this local gym unique and able to produce outcomes. We will help you understand the tools and use them to get the results you are looking for from your workout routine. Your personal fitness will improve leaps and bounds with our program.