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Champion Bodybuilder and Strength Trainer in Bakersfield


Bodybuilder and Strength Trainer in Bakersfield

Welcome to Strength & Health Gym. This gym has a long history behind it and is one of the last serious, gritty, old-school, no-frills gyms left in the country! When I bought the gym in May 2012′ it was on the verge of going away forever. As a professional strength trainer, I just knew I had to step in and save this historical landmark from extinction.

Losing this historical mecca would have been a sad loss to the many longtime faithful members and former patrons started training here. I am thrilled and honored to have been here at the right time to play my part in keeping the Strength & Health tradition alive! I am committed is to improve the facility while maintaining the same friendly atmosphere. I will focus on providing the best workouts for strength training in Bakersfield that actually produce results. 

My goal as a strength trainer in Bakersfield is to put Strength & Health Gym on the map to be recognized as one of the best small business local gyms in the country. As a professional, I am always willing to answer questions and help you design a workout or nutritional plan. As a strength trainer in Bakersfield, this is my commitment to the community.

I am a lifetime bodybuilder enthusiast and have shaped my life around that mindset. My passion is to be the best strength trainer in Bakersfield. The bodybuilding culture had always fascinated me. Even at such a young age, I realized the value of exercise and how it directly related to a person’s quality of life. I knew this was my path.

As a competitive bodybuilder in Bakersfield, I have dedicated my life to weight training and dieting. As a purist of the bodybuilding craft, I have committed myself to be true to the essence of what the bodybuilding culture represents. I will not conform to a compromised, watered-down version. The life of a competitive bodybuilder differs from the life of an average person and is not for everyone.

I am proud to say I recently won both the 2021 NPC Masters Nationals and the NPC Mr. North American Bodybuilding Championships for the 60+ class (IN the 60 + class).

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Bodybuilder and Strength Trainer
Owner Strength and Health Gym
Mark Pacheco

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Strength Trainer in Bakersfield and Passionate Bodybuilder

Owning a gym was never really part of my life’s goals. I actually started my path as a Doctor of Chiropractic after graduating from The Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, CA.

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#1 Strength Trainer in Bakersfield

The bodybuilding culture originally spawned the entire fitness industry. Everything that it has evolved into today is from bodybuilding, by bodybuilding and for bodybuilding. As a teacher and coach of bodybuilding with many years of experience, I can testify to many examples where a person’s health restored because of a commitment to resistance exercise and a better nutrition program. Lives that are forever changed for the better.

Not only does working with a strength trainer improve your physical health, but it also affects your mental health. Physical fitness and a proper diet are essential to having the best quality of life possible. My dad used to always preach ‘Healthy body, healthy mind.’ A concept that I have held throughout my entire career as a strength trainer in Bakersfield.

The triangle is the strongest shape that exists. It is unbreakable, impenetrable, and provides immense support. Likewise, when we apply the three-point structure to our lives as in body, mind and soul. It is then that we enjoy complete emotional, physical, and spiritual balance in our lives that fully enhances and compliments the fitness lifestyle.

Mark Pacheco / Owner Operator